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Конь в пальто, медленно спускающийся с горы.

1984 Innocenti Mini De Tomaso Turbo

Ну хороша же 1984 Innocenti Mini De Tomaso Turbo за CAD 5,900 на ручке, с 70,000 км.

1984 Innocenti Mini De Tomaso Turbo
Very rare and collectable car, only sold in Canada for three years. This one is a survivor and a true De Tomaso version with the correct 3 cylinder Turbo 993cc engine and all the correct badging, bumpers, wheels, steering wheel and hood scoop. Red on tan cloth interior. Body in very good condition, redone and painted about ten years ago. Interior has been recently refurbished. Mechanically, the engine runs, but will require a tune-up, as its been sitting for a few years. Transmission shifts though all the gears, clutch is good. Will need brakes and suspension checked and new tires. All glass and trim is good. Car is very complete and original, with no modifications done. It would make a great rolling project. Must be seen to be appreciated. Price $5,900.00 as is. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY and please do not waste our time with low ball offers, etc., no trades.

Only replies with a telephone number will get a response back.

No online offers of any kind. You will be ignored and deleted. You must come and view car in person.

Social distancing for viewing or purchase will need to be done responsibly.

Ad will be removed when sold, so please don’t ask if it’s still available.

Thank you for viewing.

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